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Here you will find teaching materials about skin and skin diseases for children aged 4-12.


The Dutch Skin Coalition developed this teaching material with the following goals in mind for children:

- Increase knowledge about their skin and skin care.

- Increase their understanding of children with skin problems or chronic skin conditions.

- Increase their knowledge how to protect themselves against sunburn and what the consequences of sunburn are.



On this website you can download the first prototype of the Skin @Skin @ schoolSchool teaching materials in English. Originally, the materials were developed for primary schools in The Netherlands.

With this prototype you can get an impression of the different lessons, the topics and the type of assignments. Most of the lessons can be used in various countries (when they speak English). but some assignments have not yet been adapted because, for example, no suitable book, song or video was available.



The materials were developed by Huid Nederland (Dutch Skin Coalition) in collaboration with dermatologists, a nurse practitioner, a skin therapist, representatives of patient associations, teachers, a school principal, and a didactic specialist. The development of the materials was funded by the following Dutch organizations: ZonMw, NVDV, CW De Boer Stichting, MenzisFund and Under Your Skin Foundation. For the English translation, funding was provided by Global Skin, and we collaborated with the Irish Skin Foundation.


Examples of the materials

Skin passport (6-8 years)

Skin passport (8-12 years)


Lesson activities (6-8 years)

Working sheets (6-8 years)


Working sheets (8-10 years)

Working sheets (10-12 years)


Working sheet ichthyosis English (8-12 years)

Working sheet ichthyosis French (8-12 years)

Working sheet ichthyosis Polish (8-12 years)


Teachers manual



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